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Kali Hawk - Movie

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Kali Hawk - Movie

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Kali Hawk

Sensuously Heats Up The Screen In “Peeples!”

Kali Hawk
Some people have to create a persona while others have it naturally. Actress Kali Hawk has the strikingly fine looks, magnetic personality and sensuousness that attracts attention in a subtle way that is not obviously flaunting. She is a part of the Hollywood hotties such as Adrianne Palicki, Katherine Heigl, Megan Fox, Paula Patton and of course her “Peeples” co-star Kerry Washington. Hawk, a New York City native got her start on stage at age 6 and skipped two grades in elementary school to enter high school at age 12. She then was accepted to the prestigious New York Arts University SUNY Purchase before she was 16. Hawk was sighted by Glamour Magazine as one of the “12 Funny Women To Watch.” She had co-starring roles in the mega-comedies “Couples Retreat, “Bridesmaids,” and “Get Him To The Greek,” to mentions some films. On the TV side, Hawk appeared as Shelby on two seasons of the Fox sitcom “New Girl” starring Zooey Deschanel. 

  In Hawk’s latest film, Tyler Perry’s “Peeples”, she plays Gloria Peeples who has a lesbian lover but personally doesn’t quite know if she is a full lesbian or just bi. While Hawk’s beauty is an attention grabber on the big screen, her comedic attributes stand out as well. How did Hawk approach the role of a sexually confused female? She laughs, “One of the things that I liked about the film as a whole is that the characters weren’t written in a stereo typical way. Everything about the movie was universal, the theme was universal. All families have secrets and corky things that they do and they all have to figure out how to love each other in spite of that. 

(L) Kimrie Lewis-Davis (Meg) (R) Kali Hawk Gloria Peeoles
  I’m playing this character that I thought was really neat that they’re just two women. So when you see them you don’t instantly think that they are going to be a couple, you don’t know what to make of them but there was nothing stereo typical about them and that’s what I really liked. They are just two lovely ladies who happen to be in a relationship and what that looks like is going to be
unique to them and different from anything that you normally see on screen. We’re just living in the reality of our relationship and pretty much doing that.” 
L-R: David Alan Grier, Kerry Washington, Tyler James Williams, Kali Hawk, Kimrie Lewis-Davis
    When she got the lesbian role was she apprehensive about what she would have to do? Hawk lights up, “What’s so crazy, when I signed on to the movie, I was like its Tyler Perry and he is known for certain level of integrity within his work. So I knew it wasn’t going to be anything super crazy. My character was going to be a lesbian but I knew there wasn’t going to be anything really extreme or overt and there wasn’t.”

(L-R): Kerry Washington (Grace), Craig Robinson (Wade), David Alan Grier (Virgil)
  Did the studio give Hawk any notes about being politically correct with her role? Hawk says, “No, surprisingly I didn’t get any notes thrown my way about how to be a lesbian. I think that was the cool thing about the movie is that it doesn’t presume to teach or to show anything. It just kind of is you know. I mean lesbians are people. It just so happens to be women who love one another.” Hawk has played several roles where she is quirky, how much fun is that for her? She laughs, “I really like the idea of kind of transforming, having people see you in one project and look up to see what else you’ve been in and go Oh my God, that was the person from that, they played so and so, I can’t believe that’s the same person. I would love to give people that element of surprise.”

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