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Phillip Martin - TV Movie

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Phillip Martin - TV Movie

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Philip Martin

A New Talent On The Horizon!

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Phillip Martin
     Fresh faces arriving in Hollywood is a common occurrence. Among those faces there is fear and uncertainty mixed with hope and optimism that a star future is destined ahead for them. And even though the unfortunate fate of reality enters the scene to separate the “will be’s” from the “wanna-be’s,” every now and then a new personality appears where after careful examination, there is clearly no doubt! Actor Philip Martin is a fresh new talent that is without question on his way. Martin has sharpened his craft via study and training in San Francisco, LA and New York 
      A perfect example to attest to his professionalism is the fact that after having worked with renowned Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, screenwriter and director David Mamet at his award winning Atlantic Theatre Company in New York City that he co-owns with actor William H. Macy; Mamet pinned a script for the recent HBO TV film “Phil Spector” starring Al Pacino, Helen Mirren and Jeffrey Tambor and he wrote a part especially for Martin. The role was that of “James Lee," a member of Spector's (Al Pacino) defense team during his murder trial in 2007. 
     When looking at the Phil Spector story and his role in that movie, what did he think about the man and the trial? Martin reflects, “I know specifically with me and talking with David (scriptwriter); what he said, he really enjoyed the mythological possibilities of the character of Phil Spector and really explore that thought. So when I got the role and I learned that I was Bruce Cutler’s protégé. Knowing what Bruce did with John Gotti and all that stuff, it really helped me understand that there are a lot of parallels between being a lawyer and an actor because of all the dedication and the commitment it takes to really understand how language and wording play a big deal in cases.
  In terms of the entire Phil Spector phenomenon, was Martin familiar with Spector’s career? He says, “Before the movie, I knew of his name but I didn’t know the specifics of who he was, what his work was, I really had a very small idea. But as I did research in understanding his influence in music. He produced one of my favorites, the “Let It Be” album and songs like “Imagine,” I really started to understood that this character was a big part of our American culture whether most people realize it or not.”
     This project gave Martin the opportunity to work with a true master/legend in the person of Al Pacino. How does he describe the experience? Martin chuckles, “Being on set with Al, I seen the literal energy and craftsmanship. He’s very dedicated and he was always the same with the energy of his character. It inspired me as a young actor to continue to develop my craft and to really dig into my heart and soul the way that Al does for every role. It taught me that I have a lot more work to do but it’s possible.”
     To have one of the biggest writers in showbiz specifically write a part for you for a major TV movie role is an honor beyond compare. That’s what happened when Martin did a mind blowing scene in one of David Mamet’s acting workshops. Martin exclaims, “David is one of the most gracious and smartest man I’ve ever met but most of all, he’s very, very giving to people who really work hard. To have him write a role for me which is an absolute honor because it told me that I’m on the right path and if you work hard on your craft you’ll attract the right people in your life and it just encourages me to keep moving forward.”

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