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Ramaa Mosley - Movie

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Ramaa Mosley - Movie

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Ramaa Mosley

Makes Her Directing Debut With “The Brass Teapot!”

Photo by Magnolia Pictures

Ramaa Mosley Director Of The Brass Teapot

 Directing a feature film for the first time with established professional actors can be a trying situation but if you are totally prepared for the opportunity it can be just another day at the office. Ramaa Mosley makes her film directorial debut with the independent “The Brass Teapot.” 

  Mosley’s background includes her start with making films at age 16 and graduating from Bennington College in Vermont where she studied theater, literature and photography. Following college, the Dutch government hired Mosley to direct a documentary on the Aymara Indians of Bolivia and that led to producing commercials for top commercial companies such adidas, Powerade, PGA, Pedigree, Wallmart, ESPN and others. Mosley also began directing music videos for artists like the B-52s, Brendan Benson, Creed, Five for Fighting and more.

Michael Angarano (John) and Juno Temple (Alice)

     “The Brass Teapot,” the movie was modeled after the comic book of the same title and that is based on an ancient fable about a mythical teapot that had magical powers to give its owner(s) cash money in exchange for pain inflicted on them. The greater the pain, the more money it produced. Kind of like the goose that laid golden eggs. The movie centers on the theme of temptation and greed for a young couple who runs across the teapot just as they are in the middle of a personal financial crisis. The couple is played by Juno Temple as Alice and Michael Angarano as John.

The magical teapot gives money for pain
    There are people who not only actually believe that this mystical, magical, money making teapot has actually existed since the time of Christ; there is an organization created in the late 1800’s whose mission is to actually find it. 

     How did Mosley get involved to the point of making a movie about this teapot? She explains, “There’s a whole team of people called the “Theosophist Society” in China who are searching for the lost teapot. They believe it’s the Holy Grail so they’re searching for it. I was doing research on the brass teapot and I met Dr. Ling over the phone who is an archeologist in China and he tells me all about of the previous people who had the teapot from Gangues Khan to Hitler. 

Alice sleeps with the teapot because it is paying so well

   We’re working on the comic book and Dr. Ling thinks we were making a documentary, he doesn’t understand that we are making a movie. There was a lot lost in translation but we’re working on the script and he gives me permission to use his name. Then we finish the movie and now he’s really angry and he started protesting. He thought we were making a documentary and he thinks that what I’ve done is gone and taken the whole story and turned it into entertainment and his mission is to find the teapot. He doesn’t want it to be trivialized.”

The Teapot money makes John and Alice Rich!
  As a result of this type of hassle or negative reaction from making a film with a lot of real world, non-creative baggage attached to it, will Mosley be more selective with her future film projects? She laughs, “You know what? I don’t think I could do another movie unless it lived beyond just the screening. The thing that has been so exciting for me is that the movie lives on a TV screen, lives on the theater screen hopefully but it also lives in this other world which is the internet. The element of the mythology for me and learning about it then bringing it to life was as much fun as making the movie. So as I go forward in my next project, that’s where my head is at. It has to big idea because the idea of making a movie isn’t as exciting as building a world and going into that world and making it alive.”

L-R: Juno Temple, Ramaa Mosley, Michael Angarano at The Brass Teapot Hollywood Premiere

     Mosley is definitely a fresh new film director with a clear vision of her purpose and the direction for the path she has set to take. We will be hearing great things about her!

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