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Brooke Valentine - Music

Brooke Valentine - Music

By Rych McCain Internationally/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist 

Brooke Valentine
Doesn’t Want To Be In Love!

Photos Courtesy of Subliminal Ent/Universal

     Having a hit album with singles and then dropping off of the scene for four years can make coming back a tricky proposition. Houston native and singer Brook Valentine has beaten the odds by returning with a hit single “Don’t Wanna Be In Love” from her fourth coming sophomore album “Forever” on the subliminal Ent/Universal label. The album was mixed and engineered by superstar rapper DJ Quik. Over the last four years, Valentine has had a major learning experience journey. 

     After her first single “Girlfight” ft. Lil Jon and Big Boi became a smash hit and the album it was on “Chain Letter,” went platinum her record label Virgin Records was sold and things became complicated and follow up cuts were either not released or put on the shelf. Valentine then became engaged in a legal battle to free herself from her Virgin Records contract which she eventually won. In the meantime she gave birth to a special needs son who is now two years-old.

   In spite of it all, Valentine has emerged stronger than ever and focused on achieving her goals. When asked about her new single “Don’t Want To Be In Love,” Valentine lights up, “My new album “Forever” is coming out really soon; early 2013. My new single is out doing very, very well. I feel so blessed. The video is out doing amazing. What more can a girl ask for?” 

     What kind of message is she sending with that single? Valentine explains, “Well, we’re not talking about fighting if that’s what you’re asking me. Don’t want to be in love is just more about a woman that is choosing. She knows what she wants and she knows who she wants to be in love with and she doesn’t want to be in love with anyone but that person.” Who wrote the song? Valentine says, “I can’t take credit for it. It was written by an amazing writer Deja the great and I’ve been working with him a long time. So he knows me best. I mean what can I say? He wrote a song that I couldn’t even touch, didn’t even have to alter it. I’m like that’s it right there.”

2012 Mirror Mirror Award recipient
     This album is going to make a statement. So what direction is Valentine going with it? She reflexes and says, “I’m more mature now than I was before I took my break when I was in the industry before. I get that. You just have to show maturity, growth, some positivity and share your truth with the world. Because what are you doing music for if you’re not sending a message or trying to change somebody’s life for the better or make them feel better or something like that?” 

     With all that has transpired in her young life so far is there a book in Valentine’s future? She laughs, “Its amazing that you’re the first person that asked me that. There is definitely a book in the future. In fact, it has already been written. It’s on my laptop. So I haven’t even explored the option of going out to shop it. Some of my girlfriends have read it and think it’s amazing so that’s my next step. I’m kind of nervous about it because when I say it’s my truth, it’s my truth!”

     Will we be seeing Valentine on stage this year? She gets excited, “Definitely! You’ve got to find that right connection when you go out on tour. What ever artists you go on tour with, I feel like you have to have that connection and feel like you are part of a movement that you want to be a part of verses just accepting money.” Valentine always looks great when she is out in public, what is her beauty secret? She cuts a cute smile and says, “Drink plenty of water.” She is also a big fan of Juice Plus.

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