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Dennis Haysbert - Movies

Dennis Haysbert - Movies 

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Dennis Haysbert
The Details Clean-Up Man!

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     At 6’4 ½ with a commanding bass voice; it is pretty hard not to detect the presence of actor/producer Dennis Haysbert when he is around. The San Mateo, CA. native has been a mainstay in film and TV since he broke into the biz in the late 70’s. Haysbert’s most notable roles were playing baseball player Pedro Cerrano in the “Major League” film trilogy; Portraying the first Black U.S. President David Palmer on the TV series “24” and his role as Sgt. Major Jonas Blane on the drama series “The Unit.” And of course, who haven’t seen Haysbert’s super popular “All State Insurance” ads? 

Dennis Haysbert as Lincoln
    In his latest film role titled “The Details,” Haysbert plays Lincoln who is best friends with Dr. Jeff Lang played by Tobey Maguire (the original Spiderman in the first three movies). The movie has a twist that weaves an animal pest problem with deceit, infidelity and even murder. Haysbert runs down his character Lincoln by saying, “Lincoln is a very cool guy who’s good friends with Jeff and to Lincoln there are no problems with Jeff who is a saint as far as Lincoln is concerned. But he’s not privy to all of the other friends Jeff has that don’t think as much of him and are going through problems with him.” 

     “The Details” has two elements i.e., animals and children that many say actors can’t upstage. When posed with that question, Haysbert laughs it off responding, “You know what, I find that to be a fallacy because I’ve worked with some really good kids. Actually I have a movie coming up at the end of the month “LUV” where I work with Michael Rainey, Jr., an incredible twelve year-old actor who’s probably thirteen now but he’s a good kid.”     

  Haysbert has always had a suave, smooth demeanor and warm personality. Is that something he has worked on and perfected over the years or is that just him? Again he laughs, “That’s just plain me. I had good parents. They reared me right.”    

L-R: Ray Liotta, Kerry Washington, Tobey Maguire, Dennis Haysbert & Jacob Estes Writer/Director at "The Details" Premiere.  

      For this movie, Haysbert was on set with some of the most incredible actors in the business i.e., Ray Liotta, Kerry Washington,Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks among others. What are the topics of conversation during down time that are discussed with an ensemble like that? In his own quiet, humble way; Haysbert just says “We talk a little shop, talk a lot of life. We talk about the craft and what we are doing.”

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