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Katherine McNamara - TV

Katherine McNamara - TV

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Katherine McNamara
A Gifted Teen Accomplishing Important Things!

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       Young people in Hollywood are often stereo typed as being all talent with little substance in the way of a non-vain, logical thinking process. Where much of that thought is reality, there are the exceptions that are far and few between. One shining example is sweet sixteen year-old actress Katherine McNamara. 

Katherine McNamara

  This astonishing young lady graduated from high school with honors at the incredible age of fourteen and will complete her B.S. Degree in Business & Finance next year at age seventeen from Drexel University’s LeBow School of Business online program. 

     The Kansas City, Missouri native began acting as a child and then relocated to New York with her mom and soon debuted in her first Broadway play “A Little Night Music” as Fredrika starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Landsbury. This lead to several other Broadway plays and as expected Hollywood came calling, then a second relocation to Los Angeles ensued. McNamara wasted no time booking TV commercials, TV show guest spots and roles in movies. 

   She currently has a recurring role on the Disney XD comedy “Kickin It” and will co-star as Myra in the new Disney Channel movie of the week “Girl vs. Monster” which will premiere Friday, October 12, 2012, 8/7C

       When describing her character Myra, McNamara says, “She’s a real fearless, spunky girl and eventually she ends up releasing all of these monsters. Then she and her friends have to fight to save Halloween and get the monsters trapped again. Myra is your classic high school mean girl. She has a huge rivalry with Skylar and she’s sort of very possessive, not so shaken and of course all of the wonderful things that high schooling goes on. 

       But eventually she get possessed by a monster which I thought was really fun as an actor because it gave me a chance to play a few different characters basically in this film. Then towards the end of the movie, there’s something that mean girls don’t get a lot. After my character becomes un-possessed, she sees the error of her ways if you will and becomes a nice person. So it’s a really nice alack for me.”

      How did McNamara get involved in show business at such a young age? She happily reflects, “I feel like I got started later than most of my friends who started when they were two and three. I didn’t start working professionally until I was twelve. Before that, I was just a ballet dancer and a softball player in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. Then I ran into a family friend who was directing a community theater production that needed some dancers. So she asked if I would come audition and of course I was the kid who always wanted to try new things, so I figured why not, it might be fun. From the minute I hit the stage from the first performance, I just knew it’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It just brought me this indescribable joy and I had no doubt in my mind that all I wanted to do for the rest of my life was act, sing and dance.”

    McNamara then became involved with the local Kansas City and regional Missouri theater scene where she performed in plays, studied her craft and got her acting chops together. When the opportunity for New York and Broadway beckoned, she was professionally ready. McNamara has soaked in all of her experiences living in KC, New York and now LA. This combined with her advanced education, all before she’s eighteen, has made her quite an impressive package! 

Katherine McNamara
      How does she stay as well grounded as she is? A smile and giggle says it all. McNamara quips, “My mom and I have a great relationship. She taught me the difference between right and wrong. I really only try to surround myself with positive people who are good people in general. And I also have a very strong faith which helps ground me. If you surround yourself with faith, good friends and family, there’s not much more you can ask for.”

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