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Juliette Fairley - Film

Juliette Fairley - Film

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Juliette Fairley's 
"Mulatto's Dilemma" 
Makes Its Debut At The LA Version Of The 
New York Film Festival

     The short film Juliette Fairley’s Mulatto’s Dilemma (JFMD) saw its premier recently at the New York International Film Festival in Los Angeles.The highly acclaimed 10 minute movie screened in the Mary Pickford room of Raleigh Studios on Melrose Avenue to a full house. 

Juliette Fairley
     “It is rewarding to sit in the audience and experience the viewer’s response to my work,” said Fairley who wore two different sequined dresses on opening night at Confidential Lounge in Beverly Hills as well as at the screening three days later.

     "Mulatto Dilemma" originally began two years ago as a one-woman stage play that Fairley wrote and performed. The show debuted at the Roy Arias Theater, off-Broadway in New York and followed with a successful run at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, California. After her stage run; Fairley produced and acted in a seven minute short film version of the play titled "Mulatto Saga" which is currently airing on network affiliates and cable stations across the country including KCAL-TV 9 in Los Angeles and CBS in New York.

     The seven minute "Mulatto Saga" is the prequel to the current ten minute "JFMD." 

       DVD copies of the two short films can be purchased at:

Juliette Fairley    Photo Phred Mosby

    “The overall goal is to get the 90 page script funded and produced,” said Fairley. “That’s why I’ve been promoting the short films in order to draw attention to the larger script.

      ”JFMD stars Fairley, Cassidy Knight, Kaylee Souther, Hassan Goding and others and will next screen at the Pocono Mountain Film Festival on October 20 and at the Red Hook International Film Festival in Brooklyn on October 14th.

    “It’s gratifying to have my short films screen at so many different film festivals across the country because it means the word is getting out,” said Fairley who is currently revising the larger script Juliette Fairley's Mulatto Saga to submit to prominent film festivals across the country.

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