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Terry Crews - Movie

Terry Crews - Movie

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Terry Crews
An Expendable Super Hero!

              Superheroes are characters from the comic books who are portrayed to have special abilities to perform superhuman feats. They are also people with special skills and abilities who are shown on screen as the saviors for the good to combat the sinister forces of evil. In his latest movie role as Hale Caesar in “The Expendables 2,” actor Terry Crews has firmly established himself as a superhero, extending from his role in the first “Expendables” movie.

        After retiring from the NFL as a defensive back, Crews became a mainstay on TV and in movies.When asked to describe the similarity of his experiences with the NBC reality show “Stars Earn Strips” and making “The Expendables 2,” crew’s breaks it down saying, “The thing with “Stars Earn Strips” as opposed to “The Expendables” is that you do have blanks. However, the explosions are real explosions. Fire is fire so be careful, that’s not CGI. That wave of heat is real! 

Crews & Sp. Ops Dale Comstock NBC photo
   On the TV show they teamed us up with actual special ops and it made me realize how true the Expendable’s action is to real life. Whereas in movies you have the superheroes who jump, fly, have shields and all this other stuff. I had an op, that they would leave him in Afghanistan for six weeks. He would find people, train them, go on missions, free people out of prison, break them out then radio in and they come get him out of nowhere. That’s an expendable’s mission. That’s what we were doing at the beginning of the movie. Exactly what was happening at the beginning of the movie is what our special ops of the American military do everyday. You don’t hear about it, you don’t see it and the reason I did this show (Stars Earn Strips), was to really bring light to these real, real heroes who are doing this stuff so we can all sleep good.”

Crews with telescope Lionsgate photo
      In terms of the weapons training that the actors receive before shooting “The Expendables, “ Crews gives a couple of tips explaining, “One thing with a shotgun, you don’t really aim it, you point it. So it was about the look, the camera, where you want it and all of that stuff. But when you’re talking about a real live operation where it has to be in sync or someone else is going to get hurt. The people that you are with, if you don’t know what you are doing, that’s a total different thing. Whereas it is a lot more containing on a movie set. There are so many people to tell you exactly how to hold it, what to do; then you get that one moment of action --- you’re pretty good.”

Crews with the AA-12 Lionsgate photo
        Crews’ weapon in both Expendable movies was the rare AA-12 shotgun which is an automatic12-gauge shotgun that shoots off of a 100 round drum which makes it a pretty incredible weapon. When filming the first Expendable movie, Crew’s gun was experimental and he had one of only six that existed at the time. It actually became a character of itself in both movies. Crew’s laughs that of all the weapons available to him, Schwarzenegger had to insist on the AA-12. Luckily there were two on set because Crews was going to give up his.

 Couture, Lundgren, Crews, Lionsgate photo
     “The Expendables” is not computerized, high tech, superhero schtick but is old fashion, real life, boots on the ground, shooting and fighting As Crews puts it, “When you look at the superhero movies, there’s nobody who looks like we do. I got my body from hitting guys at 20 mph on a football field. There’s only one way to get it. Now I love comic books and the whole thing but they put the muscles on then they rip them off. There’s a place for that but I think there’s a place for us. America loves a come back!

Crews always crosses the street for fans from the red carpet IF photo

Crews on premiere red carpet IF photo

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