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Wizkid - Music

Wizkid - Music

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Nigerian Superstar Takes The World!

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           The world’s motherland Afrika (yes many of us spell it with a hard “K” for emphasis) is not only the birthplace of humanity tor every race (including Europeans); she is the most bountiful continent on earth for natural resources. This explains why covert governments outside of her borders have colonized her and continue to keep intercontinental strife going so they can exploit and rip-off Mother Afrika’s resources. One of those resources includes natural talent. After all, the basis of every Black American art form i.e., blues, jazz, r&b, funk, soul, jazz, zydeco even country has its roots in the Black Afrikan people who brought their melanin dominate rhythms, beats, vocals, instrumental playing styles and dance moves with them via the inhumane slave trade to the U.S. to create what is now categorized as the music forms mentioned above. 

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   American radio, TV and music venues traditionally have been slow to promote talented artists from Afrika but with the emergence of the internet this barrier has been broken down where music lovers in the U.S. have become more aware of the exciting sounds of global music especially from the motherland. As Bob Marley exploded Jamaican reggae around the world, Afrikan artists are now globalizing their sound. Even though he follows a long line of great Afrikan artists, 21yr-old, Lagos, Nigeria native Ayodeji Balogun PKA “Wizkid” has begun a journey to set the world on fire with his brand of music and live performances. 

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     Wizkid is a complete lady killer package with his handsomely, boyish looks, silky-smooth vocals, dynamic rapping and seductive body moves in a hard-hitting, non-stop fast pace show that keeps the ladies screaming and swooning while scrapping competively with each other to steal a touch of his leg or out stretched hand as he glides past on stage.

Wizzy in concert in Dallas, TX  ACIRFA photo
  The magic and appeal of Wizkid has been validated via major award shows such as “The Music Of Black Origin Awards” held in Glasgow, Scotland where he won the “Best African Act” for 2011. At this year’s 2012 BET Awards, Wizkid shared the “Best International Act Award” with Ghanaian sensation Sarkodie. Wiskid burned a hole in the stage a couple of nights before the BET Awards when he performed at the Pre-BET Awards week International Reception at the classy SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. He was clearly the hottest act of the night and it was an all out scrimmage to get to him for this interview when he came off stage.


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     When asked to describe his music, Wizkid smiles, “Basically, my kind of music is fresh. I listen to all sorts of music so I try to draw inspiration from everything I listen to create a unique sound. I’m kind of like, just create that global music. Even though I’m from Nigeria and may not be speaking what you can understand, at least you can dance and get me. I just create fresh music.” 

Wizzy's current album "Superstar" EME Records
   Wizkid currently has an album released titled "Superstar" on the Empire Mate$ Entertainment label out of Lagos but he is working on a new one. As he explains, “Right now I’m working on an international album. I just got a deal with Konvict Music so right now I’m working with Akon so it’s pretty crazy. I’m going to be dropping my album before the end of the year with a couple of singles and collaborations. For me it’s all about global domination.”

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      What is the music scene like in Nigeria? Wizkid lights up, “Everybody draws inspiration from everything. Everybody listens to everybody. We follow the music in the U.S. and I think that’s why we come two-times stronger because we know this is the competition right there. We’ve got to get our music up to that level. It’s a great movement right now. Afrika is doing her thing. Wizkid is quick to emphasize the love and camaraderie between Afrikan musicians and their countries despite the divisive picture painted to us in the U.S. news sources. He laughs, “A lot of people are saying the Nigerians are flying high, we’re doing our thing but you just have to give honor to what is due. We’re putting in work into what we do, but at the same time, we’re still one Afrika you know. 

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    There is no competition like that. We all are just having fun, we’re trying to push our music out there. So for me, it’s not really a competition man. It’s about putting in and letting people know your talent, know what you sound like and know your music. Wizzy, as many fans call him, is currently on a U.S. Canadian Tour through September. Catch him on twitter @wizkid; facebook; wizkidmusic and his website, or

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