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Special Feature - Rych's 2011 Youth List

Special Feature - Rych's 2011Youth List

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist
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  It is that time of year again where I personally select favorites for my TOP TEN LIST OF HOLLYWOOD’S MOST TALENTED YOUTH! The candidates (18 yrs and under) are selected strictly from the interviews that I conducted with them during 2011, which intern ran in my Weekly Internationally/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Column as a photo-interview feature. If I didn’t interview you – you don’t qualify for my list! It’s that simple (hint publicists, young artists and anyone else who feels left out)!

     As with every year, my hat goes off in a major salute to the parents of these exceptional young artists who have made untold sacrifices well beyond what many parents would be willing to make such as pulling up stakes and moving the entire family to LA or whatever else it took for their child or children to make it in the biz. The ten winners selected are without question the best of the best! They too have sacrificed, trained hard, done without and burned gallons of the midnight oil it took to get to where they are and they are just getting started! Rych McCain salutes all ten of you who are a part of my media family and I wish that the best is yet to come for each of you! May continued success be yours! 

     This year has an added bonus. For the girls; O.P.I., the world’s leading beauty marketer which includes the Kardashisan line is giving them promotional beauty kits and Dewberries, the Boutique to the stars, is giving gift bags as well. The boys will enjoy promotional sportswear from Niky’s Sports, one of the best chain outlets for sporting goods with a specialization in soccer. They are the choice of top athletes and the Hollywood stars. The awardees are listed alphabetically starting with:

Rowan Blanchard
.1.  Rowan Blanchard (age 12); Rowan is bubbling over with maturity and focus way beyond her 12 years. She exercised masterful command of her role as Rebecca Wilson in “Spy Kids, All The Time In The World 4-D” for Dimension Films.

Bobby Coleman, III

2.  Bobby Coleman III (age 14); Bobby put on such an awesome display of child bravery and the love of living in the face of life and death adversity through his role of Billy Kirkfield, the child with cancer in “Snowmen,”  for ARC Entertainment. 


3. Zendaya  (age 15);  Zendaya plays the perky Rocky Blue on the smash hit TV show “Shake It Up” on the Disney Channel Network.. 

Mason Cook

 4. Mason Cook (age 11); Mason’s skillful portrayal of the adorable little brother role as Cecil Wilson in “Spy Kids, All The time In The World 4-D” for Dimension Films and secured a spot in the heart’s of thousands of fans of the “Spy Kid’s” franchise.

Stone Chandler Forrest

5. Stone Chandler Forrest. (age 11);  Stone made his acting debut as Jyreek on the episode “One In A Million” for the reality TV show “Will To Live,” for the TV One Network.

Leeah D. Jackson
  6. Leeah D. Jackson (age 12); Leeah was featured in the film “A Mother’s Choice” for Star Trac  Productions and appeared in the movie “The Hive,” for Robert Townsend Productions. She was the 2011 Host of “The Hip Hop Awards” in Las Vegas and has numerous national commercials to her credit.

China Anne McClain
  7. China Anne McClain (age 13); China Anne makes her second solo appearance on this list. She has her own TV Sitcom “A.N.T. Farm,” on the Disney Channel Network and is a regular cast member playing Jazzymine Payne on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” for the TBS Network. China Anne is also a recording artist signed to Hollywood Records with her sisters Sierra and Lauren. The sister's performed the hit them song "Rise" for the Disney Movie "Chimpanzee."

Chole Grace Moretz
 8. Chole Grace Moretz (age 14) Chole is currently in “Dark Shadows” for Warner Bros. Pictures as the rebellious family daughter Carolyn Stoddard.  She hauntingly and brilliantly portrayed little Anne Sliger in “Texas Killing Fields,” Anchor Bay Films. She was charming, witty and totally heart warming as Isabelle who has helped make “Hugo,” a favorite contender for a 2012 Oscar nod for Paramount Pictures. Chole blew everybody’s mind (good and controversial) as Mindy “Hitgirl” Marready, the pint size assassin in Lionsgate Films comic book take-off smash “Kick-Ass!”

Leroya Sanford

 9. Leroya Sanford (age 9); Comedienne. The youngest female stand-up comic on major comedy club stages in Hollywood.

Kennedy Zimet
10. Kennedy Zimet (age 15); Kennedy serves as a News Anchor/Producer for D.A.M.N.Y.C. Manhattan Neighborhood Network. She also conducts interviews in the studio and on the red carpets as well as act. 

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