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Coco Jones - TV/Movie

Coco Jones
Teen Star Rising And Real About It!

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

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Coco Jones (Disney Photo)
     She has the cutie-pie looks and personality that draws like a magnet and when one is in her presence, a sense of calm and maturity that precedes her fourteen years is noticeably evident. Coco Jones stars as Roxanne Andrews, a fast-rising recording star in the music-driven, original Disney Channel TV movie “Let It Shine.” She also recently signed an exclusive recording and publishing deal with Hollywood Records and is currently working on her debut album. In 2010, at age 12, Jones was a featured artist in season three of Radio Disney’s “N.B.T.” (Nest Big Thing), a popular musical talent showcase that puts the spotlight on aspiring young recording artists and provides them with the chance to showcase their music across national broadcast and online platforms. Jones guest starred and performed her single “Stand Up” in the Disney Channel’s series “So Random!” and headlined a series of Radio Disney concerts including performing at festivals, malls and theatres across the country. She has even sung the National Anthem twice in 2009 at NFL games. By the way, her dad is former NFL player Mike Jones.   

"Let It Shine" Soundtrack CD Hollywood Records
     Coming from an NFL family, did Jones experience the backlash that many children of famous parents get when they go for roles or positions in showbiz? Jones ponders the question and says, “I don’t think so. One, because my father had all the pulling in football when it came to anything about sports and what I was doing was completely different. And I think that was good though, because whenever I had to work for stuff and I got stuff harder and I tried to earn it more, that’s when I really appreciated it. So if he really did pull strings for me, which he didn’t have anyway of doing, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it like I do now.” 

Coco Jones as Roxie (Disney Photo)
     When asked about her personal taste in real life vs. the outfits that she wore in “Let It Shine” and if she had any say-so in the clothing selection for the film, Jones giggles, “The outfits that my character wore were a little bit crazier than what I would wear. I’m not that much of a bright colored type of girl but my character really did have those really crazy outfits. But they were all really cute and I did have a say in which ones I wanted to wear and stuff like that but nothing was really bad which is what’s great about this movie. Nothing had anything provocative in it or anything that my mom wouldn’t want me to wear so it wasn’t bad at all.” 

Roxie Belts a gospel tune (Disney Photo)

     What type of message does a film like this and her character send to young girls in particular tweens who are fast becoming Jones’ fan base? She emphasizes, “Her message is really great for girls because she starts at the beginning of the movie as this not confident, people pleasing type of girl who does whatever her manager tells her to do and has no say in her own career. But she goes back to her home town and realizes that she can be whoever she wants to be and everything will work out in the end.”
Tyler J. Williams, Coco Jones & Trevor Jackson at Premiere

The cast had a blast on the red carpet at the “Let It Shine” Premiere which was held at The Director’s Guild of America on the famed Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Many of the Disney teen stars were out in support while the press with their still and video cameras were in a frenzied state shooting and firing questions. What was that evening like for Jones? She really lights up, “Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. It was really crazy. It is such a one-in-a-million thing and it only happens to certain kids. Everyone dreams of doing what we got to do that night. It was such an honor and I’m so grateful to say that I went to my own premiere for a movie that I’m in, it’s crazy, I really don’t know how to express it!”

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