Thursday, January 24, 2013

RJ2 Goldie - Music

RJ2 Goldie - Music

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

RJ2Goldie Live! A Tribute to Thee Rick James

RJ2 Goldie

    You are invited to a night of pure excitement as RJ2Goldie performs a Tribute to Thee Rick James on Friday, January 25th 2013 10:30pm at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa. Morongo is located at 49500 Seminole Drive, Cabazon, California 92230. 

        Enjoy the 12 piece band with musicians who’ve played and recorded with both Rick James and Teena Marie.The fans will also be celebrating a pre birthday party bash that Friday, honoring the King of Punk Funk’s contribution to Soul, R&B, Pop and Rock music. So all you Superfreaks come on down before we start this show off. And You and I and Mary Jane will be Bustin’ Out of L Seven Square and we’ll have Big Fun. 


    Happy February 1st Birthday RJ, we’ll get your party started on January 25thFor More Information Link to Show Details:

  Link to Morongo facebook:
Link to RJ2 Videos:
Link to RJ2 Information: Live! A Tribute to Thee Rick James.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

BET UNCF An Evening of Stars - TV

BET UNCF An Evening of Stars - TV

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

BET Presents

UNCF An Evening of Stars!

Photos Courtesy of BET UNCF

Usher Presenting
     The BET Networks will air the UNCF (United Negro College Fund) 34th annual “An Evening of Stars” this Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27, 2013, 10PM ET/PT and 9PM C or check your area local listing for times. The show was taped in front of a live audience on December 1, 2012 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. The entire evening from the red carpet arrivals to the performances was indeed “magical!”  This event was formerly known as “The Lou Rawls Parade of Stars” which first aired in 1979. During its 34 year history, the show has raised over $200 Million dollars that has helped hundreds of thousands of students attend college and has an astonishing 90% graduation rate among the recipients.

Anthony Anderson Host


   Actor Anthony Anderson brilliantly hosted the broadcast and kept the live audience in stitches laughing. 

Tatyana Ali  and  Keke Palmer Presenters

 The presenters included Tatyana Ali and Keke Palmer.

Keenen Ivory Wayans Kim Coles Presenters

Also Keenen Ivory Wayans, Kim Coles, Laz Alonso, Loretta Devine, Shaun Robinson, Sheryl Underwood, Terrence J, Tracee Ellis Ross, Usher Raymond, Wayne Brady and the President/CEO of UNCF, Dr. Michael Lomax. 

Yolanda Adams Performer

    The performers included Yolanda Adams, Keyshia Cole, Melanie Fiona, Trey Songz, Tyrese Gibson, Anthony Hamilton and Eric Benet. As good as the above mentioned talent was for the evening;

Faith Evans Got the house going!

Faith Evans got them going with an emotional performance and 

Charlie Wilson smokin' old school!

Charlie Wilson burned a hole in the stage taking them back old school. 

Chaka Khan, fine & sexy turns it out!
     Then of course the lady of the hour Chaka Khan not only came out looking as slim and fine as she did in the 70’s but she had every person in the house standing on their feet though out her entire set. In short; Chaka turned that mutha out!

Dr. Michael L. Lomax UNCF Pres & CEO

     Dr. Michael L. Lomax is the President and CEO of UNCF and was beaming with well earned pride on the star studded arrivals Red Carpet. When asked if the scholarship need increases every year, Dr. Lomax responds, “The need does get bigger. We’ll award 13,000 scholarships this year and we’ll have to turn down 100,000 people because we can’t support all of them who are worthy.” We are really trying to talk to other young people because we want them to get on the same journey that the young people are on that we are giving scholarships to hear. We make it real for the young people who will tune into this program that if they will get on this journey, make the sacrifices and work hard, that there will be people who support them.”
     For those high school and even middle school students who want to get involved with UNCF to assist in their college educational career where ever they may live in the country, Dr. Lomax expresses, “We are going to have a very active social network opportunity with this broadcast. So young people can decide that they want to be on the show next year and they want to receive a scholarship. They’ll be able to apply and tell their stories. There will be avenues for them. We want this show to help us build the show for next year. We will be taking our ‘Empower Me Tour,’ we will be having our website and there will be all kinds of ways for young people to get to know us over the course of the year and for us to get to know them and to help them get on the journey and hopefully bring a bunch of them to ‘An Evening of Stars’ next year. To financially support this most worthy cause with your tax deductible donations call the UNCF at 202-810-0200 or go to their website to donate on line.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Movie

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Arnold Schwarzenegger

He’s Back And He’s Still Bad!

Photos Courtesy of Lionsgate Films

     He has basically been there and done it all from being a professional body building world champion that includes an amazing seven “Mr. Olympia” titles that is still the record to being a successful businessman, environmentalist, philanthropist, best-selling author, the highest paid action hero in Hollywood and California’s 38th Governor. 

Schwarzenegger as Sheriff Ray Owens
     Love him or hate him, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back on the big silver screen with a new action flick “The Last Stand.” This movie may be one of his best yet in terms of the plot, action and of course the famous comedic one-liners. Schwarzenegger does not disappoint and appears to have not lost one step with his acting chops while serving a seven year stint as California Governor. In short – he’s back and well on his way to another block buster hit.

Johnny Knoxville and Schwarzenegger
     When asked the obvious question of his comeback, Schwarzenegger is all smiles to explain saying, “First of all, it’s great to be back. As you remember, that when I got into the Governorship in 2003,  I said I only would go and run the State for the seven years that were remaining then I would be back into the movie business. So it was just sort of kind of stepping out of the movie business rather than now I’m going back to the movie business. I was a public servant for seven years working for the State of California; now I’m back again. 

The only thing is; that when you have left the movie business for seven years, it’s kind of like a scary thing to come back because you don’t know if you are accepted or not. There could be a whole new generation of action heroes who come up in the meantime. Things change very quickly in our business but I was very pleasantly surprised when I was doing the cameo in “The Expendables” that there was such a great positive reaction towards my appearance that Sly asked me then to do the second “Expendables” and there was even a bigger reaction. So this is now my first starring role and I’m very happy that I chose a movie to work with very talented people and a producer that I had full trust in because we have worked 


Jaimie Alexander and Schwarzenegger
together on several projects before and we kept our relationship alive throughout the seven years. So Lorenzo(Lorenzo di Bonaventura the film’s producer), came to me and said I want to have your first movie. So it’s really great to be back and watch the reaction of the people. Acting wise I felt comfortable being back again. It’s kind of like riding a bike or skiing, you click right back into it again.”

The crack team
     While he was away in Sacramento, did he miss Hollywood and now that he is back, does he miss anything about Sacramento? Schwarzenegger chuckles, “I really didn’t miss anything. I think that you get so engrossed in what you are doing and it is such a huge responsibility to run a State. California is the number one State in the union and this is the number one country so you really have a huge responsibility especially when you have legislators that are somewhat out of control. And to bring republicans and democrats together is always a miracle because everybody is so stuck into their ideological corners that they can’t kind of free themselves from that. So it takes a lot of effort to get things done. But because you are so into it and passionate about serving your State, you really don’t have time to miss things in the movie business. 

Forest Whitaker and Schwarzenegger
I was very happy to do that. It was the most gratifying and the most challenging thing that I’ve ever done. It was an honor for me to serve the people and after the seven years were done, I didn’t look for another public servant job because I didn’t want to be a career politician. I didn’t see myself as that and I went back to the movie business. It’s great now to be back again and I can turn it off. There’s not much I miss about being Governor. I’m on with my USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy. I’m working on policy and environmental issues on an ongoing basis and at the same time I will be doing movies.”

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Jessica Chastain - Movie

Jessica Chastain - Movie

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Jessica Chastain

Recreates The Biggest Man Hunt In History!

Photos Courtesy Sony/Columbia Pictures

     The hunt for Osama bin Laden stretched for more than a decade between two Presidential administrations and came to a bloody and deadly conclusion when a small band of CIA operatives tracked him to a fortified, 38,000 square foot compound, tucked into a well-to-do suburban area of Abbottabad, Pakistan, just 100 miles from the Afghanistan border and less than a mile from the Pakistani Military academy. After verifying bin Laden’s presence, the CIA deployed a special squad of U.S. Navy Seals to take him and a few of his cronies and guards out via a top secret operation titled “Zero Dark Thirty” which is military jargon for the dark of night, as well as the moment 12:30 a.m., when the Seals first stepped foot on the compound.

Kathryn Bigelow (Director) Mark Boal (writer)
     “Zero Dark Thirty” is the project child of the Oscar®-winning duo of director Kathryn Bigelow and writer/producer Mark Boal who brought us “The Hurt Locker.” The film’s story is told through the eyes of a little-known participant in the intel hunt: Maya, a young CIA officer and targeter whose job is finding terrorist. This character was based on the real life female CIA operative that led the bin Laden manhunt. 

Jessica Chastain as CIA Agent Maya
     Maya is played by Academy Award®-nominated actress Jessica Chastain. Since this is a military story based on actual events, how did Chastain prepare for this role? She reflects, “I had three months before we started shooting that I went to school for it I guess. I nick named Mark (the film’s writer/producer) the professor. I would sit with him and go through the screenplay and ask a lot of questions about the character I was playing, about the CIA. 

     I did some reading. Two books I found particularly helpful were “The Leaning Towers” and Michael Shure’s book on Osama bin Laden. But I was never able to meet the real woman face to face because she’s and undercover agent.  I had to use my imagination to fill in the blanks where the research couldn’t answer the questions.”

    Did Chastain have an opinion about the fact that the search for bin Laden was led by a female? She smiles, “I’m very excited that people are now seeing this film and they realize that it is not a propaganda film. It doesn’t have an agenda. It just tries to show this woman in history as effortlessly as possible. In regard to the difficult scenes that these people found themselves in, I just put so much compassion in for this woman who really sacrificed so much for this mission. In our film, she becomes a stranger to herself at the end. I just loved her from the moment I read her from what Mark created from the dry facts, this greatest manhunt in history and what he was able to do with the dry facts to create this amazing arc and put the light on the people who worked so hard that never get the acknowledgment for that. So I have an enormous amount of compassion for it.”

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